"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost…." 1 Nephi 3:187


All a Part of His Perfect Plan

In all that’s going on today, many say-
If there is a God where is He, I can no evidence of a loving God see.
Suffering goes on all around every day, would a God of love allow this they say.
Covid nineteen, a virus like one never seen,
Has taken from us both good and bad it cares not, both have fallen to its lot.
Those that believe and those that don’t, the virus doesn’t discriminate no it won’t.
It doesn’t pick or choose, and many a Christian you do loose.
The evil in the world today, why doesn’t God just take it away?
Christians too suffer from this evil all around, so why would a loving God allow it to abound?
If He is a God that cares, why doesn’t He answer a Christian’s prayers,
To stop the injustice in the world today, because He doesn’t really care they say.
We as Christians must stop, look and understand; God does not think or act as would a man.
Why does God allow evil to be, because there must be an opposition in all things you see.
In order to experience good we must know bad, to some this may seem sad.
But unless you know one you can’t know another, you can’t feel the one unless you’ve felt the other.
Unless you’ve known hate you can’t know love, unless you have felt the pull of evil you can’t feel the call of God above.
Without knowing the pain of hurt, you will never feel the joy of care, you must feel the sadness of loss to know Jesus is aware.
Without opposition we would feel nothing at all, and have no reason to on God call.
Why does God allow the innocent to suffer you may say, why would this be a just God’s way?
It may not seem fair may not seem just, but we must always in God trust.
His ways are not our ways we may not always understand, but our God holds the perfect plan.
He came to this world lived and died, so that we someday may occupy a place at His side.
It was never God’s plan, for the world of man,
To get comfortable in the life here they live, but to be His light and to others give.
We are to let our light shine, and declare to the world that Jesus is mine.
Be His witness be His light, love Him with all of our might.
We must store up treasures in Heaven above, while here sharing His love.
His desire was never for us to be, on this earth satisfied and totally happy;
But to prepare for that special joy above, where we will rest forever in His love.
That’s why Jesus died and arose again, so that someday we may live with Him.
So while on earth we live, we must to our fellow man give.
Jesus Himself the world did hate, so why shouldn’t this be our fate?
If we count it good to suffer for Him, treasures in Heaven we lay up time and again.
This should indeed be our goal in life, to suffer for our Lord help remove others strife.
As we lay up treasures in Heaven above, endure to the end wait to be held in His undying love.