"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost…." 1 Nephi 3:187


The Witness

A budding Faith, yet to be tried, a Sacrifice required,
before a greater life to live,
A man’s greatest desire, was but a delusion,
yet to him still a sacrifice to be given,
If God could send His Only Son as a Sacrifice,
then how small it was what I was called upon to give,
Not realizing the sacrifice was but a disaster averted,
and a better life yet for living.

A dear relative sent, a gift Divine, the very next day, it is true, how could she know?
I was ready, God had prepared, yet I had no idea, for what was to come… how could I know?
Cryptic quotes from Isaiah and Ezekiel, Lost Sheep from another Tribe? How can this be True?
A firm Promise if you would but ask God in Faith, He would reveal what was True.

“Dear God… Is this True? I really want to know.”

Oh what Light! Oh what Certainty! The Book is True!
Such Divine Love! Never a Love known possible to human imagining!
Such Fatherly Authority! No Doubting possible… the Book is True!
What Life Changing! Not realizing this was only the beginning…

This great Truth must be shared! A sack full bought, though none would, how could they not believe?
A Church I must join! Missionaries amazed, a Convert made even before they met him…
They could see… the Holy Ghost in my Countenance, not knowing, them I would eventually leave…
Another Certain Witness! These Doctrines of Men, not from the Book, an offence to Him.

Another Path God had Chosen, another Church, another life,
Again not knowing, how could I? The first person to meet, would end up being my wife.
The first Service, amazing Slides from Hubert, ancient Mayan History brought to life,
A Truth I already had known, brought to greater reality through Still Life.
The second Service far greater… a miracle Divine! Tongues of Angels from on High!
Some Called to Higher Duties, some called to Repentance, amazing things when God is nigh!

A new Path started, old sins washed away, a new Beginning,
Through the hands of special Servants, a Gift Holy given,
Through Failings and Victories, a new Family and a Life worth living,
For such a Wayward soul, a solid Foundation was given.

Over the years and through many trials the Witness has always remained sure,
Rather than focus on what’s not being received, focus on what can be given,
No matter where you go, only by the acts of Charity you give, will it be a greener Pasture,
All a part of the Mystery of Life, God’s great Plan to prepare us for Heaven.