"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost…." 1 Nephi 3:187


There Are No More Lone Rangers In God’s Kingdom

I know that seems like a strange title, however it is true. The basis for my thoughts this morning is in my study of Matthew Chapter 18 where Jesus was asked “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” To answer this He set a little child in the middle of them and told them to become as this little child. The Lord wants us to submit to the Holy Spirit as a little child submits to his father. (Mosiah 1:118-120) Greatness comes when we are brought close to God. A proud person can not enter the Kingdom of God because greatness as God defines it is to

be in His Kingdom with Him.

Old Testament Scripture is filled with the tales of great men and women. Who doesn’t love the story of David and the giant, or of Moses standing in the presence of Pharaoh bringing the challenge from God to the very throne of Egypt? Today the power of God is found beside little children whose angels behold the face of God continually. Jesus came to lead us to think differently than the world we see on every side.

According to Matthew 18: 20 the power and greatness of God are found where two or three of Jesus’ disciples agree together and gather in His name. The Savior has already come and is coming again. I confess that I am not looking for a lone ranger to ride in on a white horse with a silver bullet. There are probably a lot of young people who have now idea who “The Lone Ranger” was. He was a fictitious character in early television who rode in to the most difficult situations and saved the day against the bad men. Then he rode away after leaving a silver

bullet behind and always said “My work here is done”.

Jesus is the Lone Ranger today and has been from the beginning of the Creation of God. All the great heroes of the scripture were either a type of the true Christ or they came in the name and request of God to represent the one true King. We can see plainly the frailties of humanity written in Scripture as well as the greatness of God. Really nothing ever really changes, does it? All the lone rangers among men have had weaknesses. We need Jesus who never sinned and has all power.

Today the power of God is seen in the ability for us through Christ to forgive a person 490 times. We should not count each of those times if you are counting you don’t know the power of God.(Matthew 18: 22) This power can be seen when we venture in the world to find the one lost sheep. (Mat 18: 11) There is little glory for the ranger (or shepherd) riding across the hills alone in the rain and cold to find a dirty little sheep.

The power and glory of God is seen when we reunite with another who has offended us or been offended by us. Even in this we need the prayers and assistance of others at times to get it done. (Matthew 18:15 – 20) Jesus said it is impossible for humans to live their whole life without being offended or giving offense, yet there are many who have said, “I have done nothing wrong!” (Matthew 18:7) It is contrary to the nature of humans to yield to God. Even in this there are no lone rangers who can go it alone, except Jesus and Jesus is not alone either.

The scriptures say that not even a hundredth part of what Jesus said and did is recorded nor can it be recorded by man. However, here in Matthew 18 we see perhaps only the teachings of one day of his life among His disciples. It must be very important then for us to live the life of a servant, not think ourselves greater or more important than the lowliest child hiding behind mother’s leg or the lost sheep who thought himself to be the lone ranger riding the range alone. It is appropriate for us to ride together and be the servants of all. “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.”  Mat 18:11