"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost…." 1 Nephi 3:187


A testimony from the Philippines

In February and March of 2018 Apostle Michael McGhee and I were in the Philippines traveling to the various missions and locals preaching and serving the Sacrament.  On March 1st I had opportunity to travel to Eden Bayabas, which is a mission that Teacher Rogelio Villa oversees under the direction of Elder Serafin (Raffy) Vivas.  After the services there were seven individuals who requested administration for various reasons; thus, Elder Raffy and I cared for these requests.

One of the individuals who requested administration was a young woman, Roselyn Pamplona, who was concerned about her unborn child she was carrying.  Her mother and Roselyn said that she had been to a doctor who told her that they may have to deliver the baby by “C” section due to the complications.  Elder Raffy and I held Roselyn’s concerns up to the Lord in prayer, seeking a blessing from our loving Father in the name of His Son Jesus Christ on behalf of Roselyn and her baby.  Our earnest prayer was that Roselyn would have a normal delivery and that her baby would be born healthy.

In November of 2018 Elder Steve McGhee and I had opportunity to return to the Philippines.  Our first mission trip was to Eden Bayabas on November 4th.  After the services a young mother came up to me very excited to show me her beautiful little five month old baby, Sofia Pamplona.  Roselyn told me that she was blessed by God following the administration; She had no more complications and baby Sofia was born naturally.  What a powerful testimony of the love of God and the blessings He gives to His children when they put their trust in His Son Jesus Christ!

May this testimony help to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and cause you to praise the God that we worship.

Elder Gordon McCann