"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost…." 1 Nephi 3:187


My Blessing

I have always been in excellent health, so it came as a surprise that in the last part of November, 2017, I became violently ill. I went to the doctor and she sent me for a gall bladder test that indicated my gall bladder had to be removed.

On December 4, 2017, a very cold day, I had the surgery; however, they discovered that I had stones in my bile duct and I would have to go to Kansas City to have another surgery. I had that surgery the next day, another very cold day.

That was a day never to be forgotten, a day that the Lord was with both Paul and me. I woke up from the surgery and looked at the clock; it was 5:00pm (this is usually Paul’s dinner time as he is diabetic and eats on time). At that point I began to panic… Our granddaughter had stayed with her grandfather (another blessing) and sensed that he was not responding to her. She got a nurse and they took him to the emergency room. I was then recovered enough to be taken down to the emergency room to be with him.

I guess because of the cold and being very upset, my pain became very bad. We were planning on going home, but I knew that neither of us would be able to make the trip. We instead went to our son and daughter-in-law’s home. When we arrived there, my daughter-in-law Carrie asked if I would want to be administered to. She called Elder Dan Lawrence and he, Manon and their grandson Rogan came.

By now, the pain was very bad. As Dan administered to me, I began to feel the Spirit enter into my body. When the administration was complete, I got up and said, “I’m in no more pain!” Everyone in the room knew that I had received a great blessing. Rogan was most surprised. My thought was that he had probably never seen a healing like that happen before.

I have received many blessings in my lifetime but never an instant one like this. I have been overwhelmed with the love that the Lord has for us, and I wanted to share this testimony to give Him my grateful thanks.

Sister Sharon Leikness