"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost…." 1 Nephi 3:187


Collins Local News

The Collins Local sends their greetings to all and wants you to know that we are well and enduring the virus threat right along with all of you. Thus far no one in our area has contracted this virus. We have been able to hold services every Sunday without any problems. I suppose this is one time where it is good to be so “small” with only a dozen or less in attendance. Sister Marjory Routh has called us the “faithful few” a long time ago—and so we continue to be.

We don’t have a lot of news to report, but I will let you know that we have lost a brother, Randy Livingston of Preston, back in February 2020. He had wrestled with the disease of diabetes for many years and his wife, Renee’ was able to help him have home dialysis for a length of time. Renee’ was taking Randy to the doctor for a check-up when he collapsed and was gone. Peachie Mathis, Renee’s mom lives at the home residence too. I know their loss is a great sadness.

Shawna and Dale Herd rushed to New Mexico to see her dad, Claude Coberly who had been suffering with cancer for quite a while, only to arrive just after his passing. Her brother, Brian Coberly and wife, Sandra of Texas came just after them. Brian was able to stay for a few days to help his step-mom, Susie with several things that needed to be attended to.

Our brother Larry Beem is continuing to get shots in his eyes to relieve the pressure behind the eye. The doctor says he is improving and encouraged him to continue a bit longer. Larry has new glasses and is able to see to read better and is legal to drive as well!

We are so grateful to have Larry and Jewell in our local. We enjoy a Thursday night service at their home every week. (Sometimes we have our service at Paul and Sharon Liekness’ home too!) It is my favorite time and such a joy to be able to go there and truly draw apart from the world for a little while. We are serious, but we have a lot of fun along the way too. God has surely blessed us here at Collins. Vicki Pitts is able to attend sometimes and it is such a joy to have her. Marjory Routh and her sister, Betty Dunning want to come too, but don’t drive after dark. Maybe they can get in a couple visits before the days become too short. I hope so.

Allen and I have enjoyed so many online services, especially since the pandemic has invaded the world. I appreciate all the efforts that have been made to allow us all to “meet” together even this electronic way. We have been live-streaming the Independence and Phoenix sermons for a long time and sometimes we are fortunate enough to get to tune into Michigan—then have figured out how to “attend” the prayer services, etc.—well, Allen learned how to do it—I can barely turn on our computer! I just want to thank all those who have worked to take care of us all.

I have gathered a few sermon quotes I will share with you and hope they will be of some benefit.

* Would we be DILIGENT in seeking God?

* What is God worth to you? Our decisions show what the value is…

* It’s not just WWJD but, “What would Jesus HAVE ME do?

* We are called upon to be TRUE.

* “Stay the course”—to stand firm, to persevere.

* It’s about having JOY in spite of the challenges.

* Discouragement is one of Satan’s favorite tools.

* Because we are God’s children does not exempt us from all these things.

* We must be constantly replenishing the “oil in our lamps”.

* THIS is where our faith meets the task!

* REMEMBER: 1. God loves you. 2.God has a purpose for your life. 3. Remember God’s GRACE in time of need. 4. Capture the JOY! Rejoice ALWAYS.

* Do the Work—by doing the work we recognize “who” we work for!

* The end of the flesh is not the end. That’s why he’s God!

* Hope is a condition of the heart.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look over our report. Please know we love you; we pray for you and we are here. Please remember us as well.